Previous meetings

• 6th annual Nordic Autophagy Meeting 2017, October 30th – November 1st, Sigtuna, Sweden.















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• 5th annual Nordic Autophagy Meeting 2016, August 31st – September 2nd, Keflavik, Iceland.

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• 4th annual Nordic Autophagy Meeting 2015, June 5th-7th, Helsinki, Finland.

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• 1st Joint Meeting of “Nordic, Spanish & French (NSF) Autophagy Networks” 2014, September 15th-18th, Toulouse, France.

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• 2nd annual Nordic Autophagy Meeting 2013, October 1st-3rd, Middelfart, Denmark.


The 2nd annual meeting in the Nordic Autophagy Network was held in the scenery setting of Hindsgavl castle in Middelfart, Denmark at the 1st-3rd October 2013. 44 researchers from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark participated in the two day gathering where research within the field of autophagy was shared and debated.

After arrival and lunch in the old barn, the first session “Autophagy, disease, immunity, and longevity” was held and this included presentations from the invited speaker Malene Hansen (Principal investigator, San Diego, US), Maria Torgesen (post doc, Anne Simonsen group, Norway), Anu Kauppinen (Principal investigator, Kai Kaarniranta group, Finland), Elena Minina (post doc, Peter Bozhkov group, , Sweden), Daniel Hofius (principal investigator, Sweden), and Helga M. Ögmundsdóttir (principal investigator, Iceland). Hereafter, a poster session was held which enabled the researches to further interact and discuss their research.

The second day of the meeting started out with the second session of the meeting, which was entitled “Biosynthesis and turnover of autophagosomes” and included presentations from Eva Bang Harvald (PhD student, Faergeman group, Denmark), Tahira Anwar (PhD student, Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen group, Finland), Lisa Frankel (PhD student, Anders H. Lund group, Denmark), Nikolai Engedal (post doc, Per O. Seglen group, Norway), Alf Håkon Lystad (PhD student, Anne Simonsen group, Norway), and Dennis Pultz (PhD student, Faergeman group, Denmark). After lunch a short session about the methological aspects of autophagy research encouraged exchange of experience with the principal investigators Malene Hansen, Nikolai Engedal, Andreas Brech, and post doc Elena Minina.

The third session, “Ubiquitin and selective autophagy”, included presentations by Sebastian Schultz (post doc, Harald Stenmark group, Norway), Steingrim Svenning (PhD student, Terje Johansen group, Norway), and Celine Bruelle (post doc, Dan Lindholm group, Finland), while the fourth session “Lipid metabolism and autophagy” included presentation by Joanna Biazik (PhD student Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen group, Finland), Ida Johansson (PhD student, Geir Bjørkøy and Svanhild Schønberg group, Norway), and Elisabeth Corcelle-Termeau (PhD student, Marja Jäättelä group, Denmark).

The scientific program ended with another poster session where the posters were discussed enthusiastically over a cold beer or soft drink. While most participants continued their discussions over another beer, the principal investigators and members of the steering committee met for a group leader meeting. The network leader, Anne Simonsen, went through the annual report submitted to NordForsk and the budget. It was also decided that the annual meeting next year will be a joint meeting with the French and Spanish Autophagy networks, to be organized in Toulose (France) 15-18 September 2014. The meeting will be held in connection to a one day symposium on “Autophagy and Cancer” with several high-profile invited speakers.

The discussions continued over a three-course dinner in the barn, where the price for best poster was also awarded. All participants in the meeting had been asked to vote and Joanna Biazik was awarded the second prize for her poster about the use of electron tomography in the quest for the origin of the phagophore membrane, while Lisa Frankel was awarded the first prize for her poster on miR-95 as a regulator of autophagy-lysosomal clearance. For those who wanted, the evening continued with coffee and local Danish beer in the sitting rooms of the castle.

The organizing committee would once again like to thank all participants for a fruitful meeting and looks forward to the meeting next year.


Pictures from the meeting

• 1st annual Nordic Autophagy Meeting 2012, June 15th-17th, Asker, Norway.

Pictures from the meeting

 •  A kick-off meeting for the PIs of the Nordic Autophagy Network was held in Oslo on October 16th 2011.