NAS Travel Grant to Tromsø 2020

Special Announcement:

NAS Travel Grants to the 4th Nordic Autophagy Society Conference in Tromsø – NEW DATES FOR THE CONFERENCE WILL BE ANNOUNCED!

Young researchers (e.g. students and postdocs) can apply for a NAS Travel Grant of up to EURO 500 to support their travel and participation at the 4th Nordic Autophagy Society Conference in Tromsø. Typical grant sums are expected to be EURO 300 – EURO 400.

Eligibility and Assessment criteria:

– The applicant must be a NAS member

– The applicant is a young researcher (e.g. student or postdoc)

– Quality and relevance of the application:

(i) Has it been well explained how the Conference will benefit the applicant?

(ii) Applicant’s quality (CV with publication list)

(iii) Presentation level (aiming for): talk > poster >>> no presentation

– Selection will be done by the NAS Grant Committee and approved by the NAS Board.


Within 3 weeks after the Conference ends, a brief written report (~ ½ page) should be sent to the “NAS Grant Committee” (sent it per email to: The report should briefly describe highlights from the contents of the conference, your own presentation, and the experience. The report should be accompanied by at least one picture from the Conference, preferably with the applicant on one of the pictures. The report, or parts of it, will be published at the NAS Web pages. Note that reporting is obligatory. NAS will request grant money to be paid back to NAS if the grant receiver does not submit a grant report that satisfies the requests in the call.

How to apply

Apply by sending an email to the NAS Grant Committee (, with the application attached as a single PDF file. The application should contain (in the following order):

– A cover letter containing: (i) your name, current position, and affiliation, (ii) the relevance of the Conference topics in relation to your own research project, (iv) how you will benefit from participating at the Conference, (v) if you are going to present a poster or a talk at the Conference, and (vi) the grant sum (in EURO) you are applying for

– Your CV with publication list

Application Deadline: March 10th 2020 New date will be announced!

Decision and payment: Applicants will receive a written decision (per email) within March 17th 2020 New date will be announced!. Payment will occur after the grantee has registered for the meeting and paid the registration fee. If the grantee should cancel the registration or not show up at the meeting, NAS will request the grant sum to be paid back.